Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Purim links and thoughts, 5772/2012

I'll work on this between phone calls and assignments, so check for updates. I offer my standard apology for idiotic formatting--for whatever reason, I can't delete blank lines on my office computer, so you'll see a lot of empty space here. And I'll probably be too busy tonight to do any reformatting on my home computer. :) [Reformatted on Purim day. (Deformatted on Shushan Purim. This happens every time I edit a post on my office computer--the more I edit, the worse the formatting gets. I give up.)]

One highlight among many: "Chabad would send another shaliah to Shushan, to re-enforce the staff already there at the Chabad House. Cholent (Persian style) would be dished out each Shabbat morning along with prayers for the Queen’s prompt release from bondage in the palace."

My favorite paragrah: " * Why didn't they have co-ed parties in ancient Persia? I mean, how pious were these people, that Vashti and the women were kept separate from Achashveyrosh and the men? And if all that separation didn't help the ancient court of Persia stay proper and moral, why do 21st century Jews think it's worth doing?" :)

  • And here are some Purim cartoons from Dry Bones.

From the oldies but goodies department:

Speaking of sober notes, don't drink so much that you get sick or stupid. Have fun and stay safe!

I'm off to a Megilla reading! Purim Sameach!

Last-minute link as I shut down my office computer: this year's The Jewish Daily Forward Purim Page.

  • Purim Day update (and formatting clean-up)

More oldies but goodies:

My current thoughts:

  • Esther turns Achashverosh's sexist response to Vashti's declaration of independence on its head--by the end of the book, she's making the decisions, even though Mordechai ends up with most of the visible power.

  • Why does Esther request an opportunity to slaughter enemies for a second day? Isn't that a bit bloodthirsty?

Shushan Purim update

I was working on my office computer when I posted this update. There goes the formatting, again. Oh, well.


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